The first 30 days of the rest of my life…

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The first 30 days of the rest of my life, How I got off the diet roller coaster for good!

Today is day 32 on my Whole 30 journey. I am a little melancholy and excited at the same time. My office just finished our first ever Whole 30 challenge as a team build excise. Two days have passed since the challenge ended and I am missing the feeling of comradery that comes with a diverse group of people supporting each other in a common goal to change our health for the better. Excited to see what the future holds for me.

Recap of the past 30 days
I am privileged to work for the most awesome company ever! Pederson’s has an unfailing commitment to their employee’s. without the support of the management team at Pederson’s I would have never made it through the Whole 30!

Day 1-8; Most of the time I was a little miffed over the fact that I couldn’t have “my wine.” but I never really had any symptoms like was talked about in the Whole 30 book, when I quit my sugar, grain or alcohol intake. The biggest mistake I made was eating way too many nuts and snacking.

Day 9-15; I started hitting my stride a little, as long as I cooked and prepped the right food I was able to stay on track and not think about what I was missing too much!

Day 16-22; I am feeling good! Not Tiger Blood good! but good enough to make me happy! Like the Whole 30 book talked about” This is not hard” I found that to be true. By day 16 I was craving the whole foods suggested in the plan, during my meals. I was always surprised how good the food tasted and that I was satisfied after a meal.

Day 23; this was the day I cheated and what I learned about myself. My quality of life and health is not worth a glass of wine or a slice of cheesecake. The short term satisfaction is not worth the long term costs for me there is nothing more important than finishing this life strong.

Day 24-30 the first two days after eating off plan, I didn’t feel good at all my joints ached and I had my first headache on the Whole 30. But from Tuesday on everything was better and my resolve strengthened. By the time Thursday rolled around everyone was saying “only two more day till Whole 30 is over” I started to think about day 31 “what was I gonna do?” Should I stay or should I go?
Whole 30 and Beyond!!!

For in truth habit is a violent and treacherous schoolmistress. She establishes in us, little by little, stealthily, the foothold of her authority; but having by this mild and humble beginning settled and planted it with the help of time, she soon uncover to us a furious and tyrannical face against which we no longer have the liberty of even raising our eyes.
I am staying on the Whole 30 plan for at least 60-90 days maybe longer. In a study carried out at University College London, 96 participants were asked to choose an everyday behavior that they wanted to turn into a habit. On average, habit formation took 66 days. I want Whole 30 / Paleo eating to be an everyday behavior. This is how I am getting off the diet rollercoaster!