Meal Planning For My Whole 30!

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Last year, we ran an internal Whole 30 Challenge and encouraged each team member to document their experience. Christa’s experience not only inspired me but it also kept me encouraged to stick with it! I hope that by sharing her experience with you, it will help you prepare and know that some of those unexpected feelings you may have over the next 30 days are 100% OK!

Meet Christa, she’s a Support Specialist at Pederson’s corporate office! This was her Whole 30 Experience Day 1 – Day 8!

My Whole 30 Experience 2016

Will this eating plan change what I know about myself?

christa-halliburtonWhen I was approached at my office about doing the Whole 30 program, I was not thrilled with the idea. Having looked into the Whole 30 plan a few years ago, I decided then it was too expensive, and too restrictive for my work centered life style. Who in their right mind would willingly volunteer to stop drinking wine or any other kind of alcohol for 30 days!? That’s just crazy talk! Over the next few days the buzz at the office grew, everyone was talking about doing the whole 30 as a company. Not wanting to be left out, I decided to re-view the plan. I bought the book, looked it over, the food looked yummy! It seemed appealing this time and I started to feel like I wanted to join the others so I signed up! You could say there was a little peer pressure.

The week before the start date, I started to panic! I began to think about all the restrictions! The thought of giving up milk was depressing! How was I going to live without cheese? NO WINE? (On the weekends I work at a winery.) How would I not drink wine? But there was this little voice in my head saying “it beed ow rite” (as my baby Bro David would say), and I found the strength to stay the course!

Getting Ready

I didn’t have much pantry cleaning to do, because I had just moved to a new place. Now for the shopping and meal planning challenge being on a limited food budget I needed to be strategic. Around Thanksgiving I got a sweet deal on sweet potatoes, so I bought 80lbs. I started the Whole 30, with 40lbs of sweet potatoes in my pantry, I filled and maxed out the balance of my pantry and budget with the following list.

  • 25 lb of Grass-feed Longhorn Beef $4.50 lb = $112.50
  • 5lb Ground Bison $7.00lb = $35
  • 4- 18count organic eggs $5.95ea = $23.80
  • Miscellaneous fresh vegetables and fruit $80.00
  • Nuts $15
  • Olive Oil $9.00
  • I decided to up the ante and set a workout schedule to boot!

Day 1-3

My hardest days so far. Old habits die hard! I would go to put cream and honey in my coffee and then I would have to tell myself “no you’re not eating that.” My second day I had to work at the winery! It was all I could do to eat and drink the right thing. I have to say that my predominant feeling was anger. I was mad at this crazy diet, but I didn’t cheat!

Day 4-8

I gave my bad attitude a little adjustment, I am starting to feel like I have control of my choices, and the reality is that whole food tastes good to me. I grew up on an organic farm, we didn’t drink cow’s milk, and I never even had sugar until I was six or seven. It’s amazing how humans can train their taste buds for good or bad. I even made it to the gym a few times. Next week is going to awesome.